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Precision Products for Maximizing Production and Profits

Small Business Phones

North Star Telecom has served Canadian small businesses for nearly 15 years! We recognize that the small business of our communities is built on answering the phone and responding to customers.


Ensuring that when customers are calling, particularly after hours is what defines our business as either thriving or declining. North Star phones are uniquely designed to make it easy for employees to forward calls after hours so that your customers are not abandoned to some global call centre but are responded to by your local and familiar team.


We do this because we've listened to and created our infrastructure based on over a decade of working with local Canadian businesses.

Cell Phone Switchboard

Make sure your business call gets answered and customers are supported even outside of normal business hours. There are over 400,000 small businesses in Western Canada and many of them rely heavily on cell phones. North Star's Cell Phone Switchboard allows you to connect your cell phones efficiently.


Get a single phone number for your business that can ring your receptionist or ring all your cell phones, regardless of which carrier.


Cell Phone Switchboard works on all cell phones and with all carriers. Responsive businesses simply make more money!

Multi-Family Building Internet + Phone

There is an increased need for building security and building management systems.


North Star provides internet packages designed specifically for the data needs of residential and commercial buildings from 4 units to 250 units.


Our digital phone lines are designed for the usage patterns found in building systems.

Hospitality Phone Line Plans

Hospitality is one of the most dynamic industries of Western Canada. Our Hospitality phone lines are tailored to hotels and extended stay facilities and provide a unique plans to keep your monthly costs
low while ensuring your property has the capacity and reliability to handle the needs of your clients and business. Call to find out more.

Dar goes that extra mile to keep a business relationship nurtured and strengthened.

Al Dhalla - Sunwapta Solutions

North Star now provides our IT support services. We are very pleased with the services

Grant Irvine - Flexible Filing Solutions

Apart from being a perfect gentleman, Darvin is a highly detailed IT perfectionist. A
pleasure to work with.

Derek Herman - Eravon


Solutions that fit your business needs.

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