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The Team

Darvin Zuch

Dar’s mission is to help Canadian business owners achieve their goals, knowing that
community and connection are key to this. With a focus on rural areas that are
traditionally underserviced, he is keeping Canada connected one business at a time!

Jennifer Hannidy

Our financial manager, has been with North Star since 2018. She manages financial records for our customers and ensures implementation of new customers is smooth and reliable.

Mark Anthony Ignacio

Our technical manager and has been with North Star since 2015. He is responsible for our backend systems, the technical implementation of new system and any telecom equipment that may be onsite with customers.

Jason Duncan

Our Business Development Manager has been with us since 2021. He manages customer and vendor relationships while ensuring we continue to perform well for our partners!

About Us

We're 100% Canadian-owned and operated


Meet the North Star Telecom Team!

North Star Telecom is formerly known as HELIA Voice. With our parent company, we launched telecom services in 2006 and will soon be 17 years old!

Founder Darvin Zuch and his team provide tailored infrastructure solutions in Western Canada. They deliver building access systems, phone systems and digital signage infrastructure to companies of 20 - 500 people.

We Provide Best Quality Telecommunications


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