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Dar goes that extra mile to keep a business relationship nurtured and strengthened.

Al Dhalla - Sunwapta Solutions

North Star now provides our IT support services. We are very pleased with the services

Grant Irvine - Flexible Filing Solutions

Apart from being a perfect gentleman, Darvin is a highly detailed IT perfectionist. A
pleasure to work with.

Derek Herman - Eravon


Enjoy calling your telecom company!

Extended Care Centres

Telecom has changed drastically over the last 17 years we have been serving Canadians. The options in telecom have become more rigid over that time leaving Extended Care Centers with poor and complicated options. North Star Telecom has delivered phone lines to end users since 2006. Our relationships with our customers have allowed us to travel a different path and create phone services catered to the special requirements of our customers industries. Extended Care Centres is one such Canadian industry in that we provide special and tailored packages for the needs of your residents here in Canada.

Our phone lines provide advanced E-911 services that allow more detailed instructions for emergency services including room numbers for your residents. Call us to find out more.

Large Agriculture

Reliable phone and data services are essential no matter where you are! North Star Telecom
has delivered digital SIP trunks from the very inception of VoIP in Canada. Our technology stack has been created and recreated with over a decade of experience serving Canadian customers.


Our engineers are focused on the unique needs of our customers and the data networks that
support them here in Canada. We are physically based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and maintain our technology here so that we can continue to provide stable and reliable service with value to local customers regardless of the growing discord beyond our communities.

Internet Service

North Star is authorized by Canada's CRTC to provide internet service in Canada. For our rural prairies, this includes LTE mobile internet and point-to-point wireless solutions. If you are
looking for alternatives for your current internet, send us an email and we can confirm coverage for your location.

Western Small Business

Small Business remains the powerhouse of the Canadian economy. As a local small business serving other small businesses for over a decade, we are intimately aware of the needs of business owners and their companies for reliable and performing vendors, particularly for vendors that tie your business to your customers as telecom does. Our place is to ensure your customers can reach you when they call and that your phone gets answered so your business continues to grow and thrive!

Our Clients

More than just clients, they're our Canadian neighbours.

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